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 Treatment and degradation of animal excrement.
 Bacteractiv keeps the manure in the pits completely liquid and therefore facilitates
 the pumping operation. It prevents fermentation and suppresses bad smells.


 The Problem ?

Manure (pits):

- manure solid or too thick

- manure difficult to pump

- formation of obnoxious smells

 The Solution Bacteractiv
The action of Bacteractiv is based on the specific properties of enzymes and bacteria.
The enzymatic and bacterial processes liquefy the solid organic materials - with no additional chemicals, without harm to the environment, and with no risk to humans or animals.

 The Effect: Liquefaction of the solid organic materials.
Working principle:
1. Enzymes split up the long molecular chains of the organic materials.
2. Bacteria maintain the quality of the manure with a lasting effect.

 The Advantages:

-  liquefaction of solid manure

-  long-term reduction of smell

-  decomposition of nitrogen is extended

-  preserves and improves the quality of manure and dung

-  non-corrosive

-  environmentally friendly

-  safe and easy handling

 Used in:

-  manure pits

-  channels

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