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 The enzymatic and bacteriological purification line


As a result of the effective combination of selected enzymes and bacteria, fats, carbohydrates and proteins are entirely decomposed - with no additional chemicals, without harm to the environment, and with no risk to humans or animals.

Enzymatic and Bacteriological action:










grease and organic matter


soluble organic residues


natural basic components
H2O, H+, O2



- Considerable reduction of pollution caused by waste materials.

- Much better BOD5 and COD results in sewage-treatment plants.

- Reduction of costs compared with conventional methods applied in cesspools,
   sewage-treatment plants and grease traps.

- Prevents the formation of odours.

- Safe and easy handling.

- Products do not contain any substances that are dangerous for humans or animals.

Product overview:

Reactivation and maintenance of septic tanks, cess pits, etc.
Prolifoss was specially developed for the maintenance and the bacteriological reactivation of septic tanks.

Prolifoss STE
Reactivation and maintenance of waste-water and sewage plants. 
Prolifoss STE was specially developed for the maintenance and the bacteriological reactivation of sewage treatment plants.

Biological degradation of animal and vegetable fats, (proteins, starches and cellulose).
Prolibac is an efficient enzymes/bacteria product which was developed especially for the biological degradation of vegetable and animal fats (so-called extractable substances, except mineral oil).

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