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 The enzymatic cleaning line


Effective cleaning due to the liquefying effect of enzymes, without harm to the environment,
and with no risk to humans or animals.

Enzymatic Action






grease and organic matter


soluble organic residues


- Liquefaction of animal and vegetable fats, proteins and carbohydrates without addition of chemicals.

- Products are completely biodegradable.

- Safe and easy handling.

- Products do not contain any substances that are dangerous for humans or animals.

- Ecological and economical products.

 Product Overview

In-depth degreasing of animal and vegetable fats on all oily/greasy surfaces.
Prolisol is an efficient, general-purpose enzymatic cleaning agent which has been specially developed for the in-depth degreasing of all surfaces.

Cleaning and thorough degreasing of surfaces.
Multi  is an efficient, general-purpose enzymatic cleaning agent which has been specially developed for the thorough manual cleaning of all surfaces.

Sano Mousse
Foam cleaning and thorough manual degreasing on walls and difficult-to-reach locations.
Sano Mousse is used for all vertical walls and places difficult to access, which are contaminated with fat and other organic materials (exception: mineral oil and its derivatives).

Natural care and de-blocking of waste-water systems. Multienzym liquefies all organic materials, such as animal and vegetable fats, proteins, cellulose, starches, etc. which collect in siphons, conduits, drainage pits, etc.
Sano Block
Decomposition of urine in urinals. Sano Blocks are fully water-soluble tablets, which thanks to their balanced content of biochemical components always ensure clean, odourless, problem-free urinals that function in an ecologically friendly manner.


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