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 Natural care and de-blocking of waste-water systems.
 Multienzym liquefies all organic materials, such as animal and vegetable fats,
 proteins, cellulose, starches, etc. which collect in siphons, conduits, drainage pits,

 The Problem ?

Waste water systems:  

- blockage of drains

- blockage of waste water pipes

- poor draining from waste water pipes

 The solution

The action of Multienzym is based on the specific properties of enzymes.
The enzymatic processes, completely decompose all animal and vegetable fats, carbohydrates and proteins with no additional chemicals, without any harm to the environment, and with no danger to humans or animals.

 The Effect

Liquefies all organic materials.
Working principle:
Enzymes liquefy all organic materials such as animal and vegetable fats, proteins, cellulose and starches.

 The Advantages

- natural care and de-blocking

- non-corrosive

- environmentally friendly

- safe and easy handling

 Used in

- waste-water pipes

- piping with insufficient gradient

- drains / siphons

- draining wells

- sewerages

- etc.


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