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 Reactivation and maintenance of septic tanks, cess pits, etc.
 Prolifoss was specially developed for the maintenance and
 the bacteriological reactivation of septic tanks.

 The Problem ?

Cess pits and septic tanks:

- formation of obnoxious smells

- frequent and expensive draining necessary

- blocked pits

 The Solution Prolifoss
The action of Prolifoss is based on the specific properties of enzymes and bacteria.
The enzymatic and bacterial processes, completely decompose all animal and vegetable fats, carbohydrates and proteins - with no additional chemicals, without any harm to the environment, and with no danger to humans or animals.

 The Effect

Degradation of protein-containing and organic waste material (faeces, cellulose).
Working principle:
1. Enzymes split the long molecular chains of the organic materials.

2. The fission products are now "breathed" into CO2 and water by the micro-organisms.

 The Advantages

- the pits must only be drained occasionally

- prevents clogging

- prevents the formation of odours

- non-corrosive

- environmentally friendly

- safe and easy handling

 Used for

- cess pits

- septic tanks

Documentation Prolifoss
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