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Sano Mousse
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 Foam cleaning and thorough manual degreasing on walls and difficult-to-reach
 locations. Sano Mousse is used for all vertical walls and places difficult to access,
 which are contaminated with fat and other organic materials
 (exception: mineral oil and its derivatives).

 The Problem ?

Greasy and dirty surfaces:

vertical walls that are soiled with grease and dirt

difficult-to-reach places that are soiled with grease and dirt

 The solution

Sano Mousse
The action of SANO MOUSSE is based on the specific properties of enzymes and tensides.

 The Effect

Foam cleaning and thorough manual degreasing of walls and difficult-to-reach places.
Working principle:

1. Surface-activ substances form a long-lasting foam.

2. Enzymes now decompose the long molecular chains of organic residues, and tensides
    simultaneously decompose dirt particles.

 The Advantages

- cleaning and degreasing in one operation

- surfaces free from grease and residues

- non-corrosive

- environmentally friendly

- safe and easy handling

 Used for

- vertical walls

- difficult-to-reach locations

- trucks

- haulage cars

- machinery

- etc.

Documentation Sano Mousse


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