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Status Quo


Felema Products are presently being exported to more than 20 countries and sold by exclusive representatives, non-exclusive distributors or professional companies specialised in specific application fields.

We are on the way to reaching our target: a global network of Felema distribution branches, covering all application fields in all geographical areas.


Our goal of a global Felema network can only be achieved with the cooperation of reliable, professional partners. We have already found many of them. We will find more partners to complete the network.

Appointing Representatives

Felema GmbH is looking for innovative, financially sound and competent partners with a functioning infrastructure and first-class contacts to potential customers, in order to enlarge the number of representations.

New partners should preferably be active in the fields of waste water treatment, food industry, animal farms, hotels and restaurants, etc.

Interested in a Representation?

Should you fulfil the above mentioned conditions and be interested in a representation of Felema Products in your country or in your application field, please send us an e-mail or a fax, giving us a short introduction of your company’s activities.

A personal meeting, preferably at the headquarters of Felema GmbH in Switzerland, would be our proposal for further discussions and a complete product presentation.


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